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Encounter Church focuses on administering grace and platforming purpose. We desire to help everyone to dive in an authentic encounter with Jesus. Definitely, not church as usual! No matter who you are, how you look, where you've been or what you've done; there's a place at Encounter Church for you. Your life's purpose can still be reached. We are one Church representing many churches. 

PJ is a Christian contemporary worship leader and Pastor in New York City. After battling cancer in 2007, and having experienced the healing power of God in his life, PJ leads with a passion for the Ultimate Worship Experience. He shares his life withholding nothing. From dealing with lust as a teen, riches to rags, cancer to divorce; he shares it all. PJ believes that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God’s grace can reach you right where you are and turn everything around.  His impact through music and preaching impacts many in a way that is real. PJ dares to engage people in the presence of God through worship and to lead our generation back to the cross. His story has traveled far across many countries via social media and television; but now more than ever his burden for our country is beyond anything. PJ is a husband, father of six, musician, and Pastor of Encounter Church and Life Church Encounter. 

Our Vision at Encounter Church

The Vision

Our Vision is to reach a sea of souls by the Word of God and the worship experience. We exist to see people meet with God, administer God's grace and platform purpose. We dare to encourage people from every walk of life to encounter Jesus. He changes everything. 

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